Film Screening Kit (Blu-ray)

About the Screening Kit

    We've created the INSIDE MONTESSORI Film Screening Kit to give everyone who is interested in the future of education an easy-to-use resource for showing the film and leading a conversation about Montessori education.  


          • The INSIDE MONTESSORI Film Screening Kit is a resource that includes everything you’ll need for planning, promoting, and hosting a screening in your community. It includes:

            • Blu-ray and DVD with feature-length version of the film (standard definition)
            • English and Spanish subtitles
            • Online access to stream and/or download the film (various size files)
            • Online access to stream and/or download our full short video library.” (various size files)
            • Digital Screening Promotion Guide
            • License to exhibit the film and chapter videos at an event you are sponsoring in perpetuity